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Kelton Rentals carries out regular inspections and maintenance of all plant and equipment. We ensure all plant and equipment is inspected and maintained in accordance with the relevant standard and manufacturer’s recommendations on return of hire.             

All documentation such as operator’s manual, safe work instruction, risk assessment & recent service report are all stored in the yellow safety pouch on our equipment. Pre start checks should be completed daily before use of the equipment to ensure smooth operation and the safety of all involved. An easy checklist has been provided for this purpose in the yellow safety pouch.           

For your convenience we have below, downloadable copies of all available safe work instruction and risk assessment. Note that these are general and you may need to include additional controls based on your work environment.              

If you require further information or have a query about safety features on our equipment please don’t hesitate to contact us on (02) 6213 8111



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  • Thinking of buying? Ask about our popular “Hire to buy” option. It’s simple. You agree on a purchase price before you start and if you purchase, half of your raw rental costs comes off the agreed price. No pushy salesman and you can operate it on your job to make sure it suits you. If not, simply return it as a normal hire without the obligation to buy!
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