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Dry Hire may not be your ideal choice. Why? Like rain, it's a disturbance to your usual routine. So, why would you Dry Hire? It's the key to growth! An expense is only incurred for the equipment when it’s needed for a particular job. Release your business from the often hidden cost associated with equipment ownership.

At present, what effects do these costs have on your business? Are you aware of the costs?
Be ahead of your competitors making the dry hire choice.

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Our solution: Save & spend more on things that really matter to you.

Hire equipment custom fit to your jobsite. Rent only the right equipment needed to get the job done!


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  • Expect innovation from KELTON. We source many quality brands of equipment from around the world utilizing the latest ideas available today. The right machine for the job. No more “just getting by” with the wrong equipment.
  • Thinking of buying? Ask about our popular “Hire to buy” option. It’s simple. You agree on a purchase price before you start and if you purchase, half of your raw rental costs comes off the agreed price. No pushy salesman and you can operate it on your job to make sure it suits you. If not, simply return it as a normal hire without the obligation to buy!
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