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Dear customers, 

Have I got BIG news for you?
First, let me ask you something you might find important...

How often do you have problems with your excavator tracks? Whether you're using rubber or steel, it's every contractor's nightmare when tracks go bad.

Would it be a sigh of relief if you knew for certain each piece of equipment you use would last as long as you would want??

Wouldn't it be great if your excavator tracks would last longer no matter what kind of abuse you put if through on your day-to-day operations???

Well, worry no more. Because, I've got BIG news that will get you as keen as we are. No better reason to get your machinery on track and on DEKK.


If you haven't heard of DEKK Rubber Tracks and Pads before, let me fill you in.
These specialised rubber tracks are known to go beyond every other track in the market.
They’re made with HIGH-STRENGTH, HIGH-TENSILE CONTINUOUS STEEL CABLES, encased in abrasion and tear-resistant rubber.
That means these tracks are designed and built to withstand prolonged, severe service conditions no other rubber tracks can hold a candle to.

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Get DEKK Rubber Excavator Tracks From Us, And If They Go Bad Within 2 Full Years, We Will Replace Them Completely FREE!*

That’s right. We’re giving you up to 2 FULL YEARS complete replacement warranty for all Kelton customers if you get your DEKK Rubber Tracks from us.*
That’s our guarantee.

Here’s Why DEKK Rubber Tracks Are More Durable And Reliable Than The Rest In The Market
High-tech rubber compounds are to provide greater flexibility and wear resistance than other rubber tracks.
Comprehensive range of tread patterns that make for increased traction and reduced surface damage for longer, tougher use.
Their core bars are precision fitted for maximum strength
Inside the tracks are high-strength steel cables for even more strength and durability, which means less downtime for your equipment
We're so confident in the strength, stability, durability and flexibility of these pieces of equipment that we're even willing to put our money where our mouth is.

That’s how confident we are on the sheer durability, toughness, flexibility and overall quality we’ve seen from these DEKK Rubber Tracks.
And the instant you start using these in your day to day operations, you’re sure to agree with us as well.

Hear from you soon.


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