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Fuel Shot 4000

FUEL-SHOT 4000 is an advanced technology super concentrate fuel treatment for diesel and petrol engines maintaining peak performance. FUEL-SHOT 4000’s unique formula aids the cleaning of injectors in diesel and petrol engines, assists fuel spray patterns and keeps combustion chambers clean from carbon build up improving fuel economy significantly.

This improved atomisation of fuel allows a more complete combustion process, which creates more power, and torque while reducing harmful emissions significantly saving our environment.

  • FUEL-SHOT 4000 prevents diesel bug cladosporium by arresting the growth environment
  • FUEL-SHOT 4000 provides upper cylinder lubrication for longer engine component life
  • FUEL-SHOT 4000 removes and prevents the formation of harmful wax, gum and varnish from fuel system components and fuel tanks
  • FUEL-SHOT 4000 removes water from fuel and prevents corrosion and rust to fuel system components and fuel tanks.
  • FUEL-SHOT 4000 prevents oxidation and stabilises aged fuel allowing longer storage life
  • FUEL-SHOT 4000 provides high lubricity for low sulphur fuel, increasing pump and injector life.
  • FUEL-SHOT 4000 reduces engine oil soot contamination, thus increasing oil and oil filter life.

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